Our Own Handcrafted Wines, NY State and Our Own Craft Beers, Signature Cocktails from NY State Spirits and Other Unique Drinks 




All handcrafted on site in small batches



from dry to sweet

WOOD DUCK (Chardonnay) Half aged in American Oak, this Chardonnay has subtle notes of oak and vanilla with a rich, buttery finish. 

ORGANIC SPARKLING LAVENDER WINE (Cayuga) Our naturally-fermented in the bottle 100% Organic Sparkling Wine is semi-dry with subtle notes of peach and green apple, lightly infused with local, organic lavender. 

LAVENDER WINE (Cayuga) With notes of green apple, peach, and pear, this crisp white wine is gently infused with a touch of local, organic lavender. 

HUMMINGBIRD (Catawba) This pink-hued blush wine is semi-sweet and crisp with bright acidity and notes of strawberry. 

RAIN DOVE (Delaware) Our refreshing, clean semi-sweet wine is made with 100% native Delaware grape with notes of fresh grapes. 

OSPREY (Vignoles) This golden-hued crowd favorite is semi-sweet with a balanced acidity. It is smooth and rich with notes of pink grapefruit. 




from soft to bold 

BLACK BEAR RESERVE (Cabernet Franc) A select batch aged in oak barrels for at least 24 months. Extraordinarily smooth with soft tannins and notes of black cherry. 

BLACK BEAR (Cabernet Franc) Aged for at least 18 months in oak barrels, this smooth wine has soft tannins and notes of cherry. 

RED FOX (Merlot) A medium-bodied wine with balanced acidity and brightness with rich notes of plum. 

BLUE HERON (Chancellor) Aged for 18 months in oak, this complex wine has notes of tobacco and cedar. 

BOWFIN (Noiret & Chancellor) This bold wine is deep and complex with notes of tobacco and black pepper. 


from dry to sweet

RAMBLING ROSE (Marquette) We lightly age this bright, off-dry rosé in oak barrels, lending notes of smooth vanilla.  This unique rosé is crisp with hints of strawberry. 

WILD ROSE (Marquette) This tad-sweeter rosé has a vivid pink hue and is clean, balanced, and has notes of strawberry, raspberry, and white grape. 





WE HAVE ALL NY CRAFT BEERS on TAP, changing them out daily...at LEAST 4 BEERS ON TAP at all times! 



SICILIAN MOJITO: Local Vodka from Prohibition Distillery, Pellegrino Blood Orange, Muddled Mint, & Lime

THE ALL DAY FISHERMAN: Local Gin from Prohibition Distillery, Muddled Cucumber and Mint, Lime, and Q Tonic brand craft Tonic Water with Agave & Handpicked Quinine

GEORGIA PEACH TEA: Organic Oolong Black Tea infused with natural Peach, Vodka from Prohibition Distillery, squeeze of lemon, Muddled Mint

MOUNTAIN MARGARITA: Local Vodka from Prohibition Distillery shaken with Organic Sugar, Fresh-squeezed Lime Juice, and a touch of Orange, served with a Salt Rim 

SALTY GREYHOUND: Local Gin from Prohibition Distillery, sparkling Pellegrino Grapefruit, Squeeze of Lime, Salt Rim 

 WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU SUMAC...LEMONADE: Wild Sumac Spritzer, made In-House, mixed with Fresh-Squeezed Lemon and Craft Strawberry Syrup



OUR OWN HOUSE-BREWED KOMBUCHA: Organic Oolong Black Tea, Organic Sugar, Fermented in small batches into this non-alcoholic slightly fizzy Probiotic-rich drink 

ORGANIC PEACH BLACK TEA:  Organic Oolong Black Tea infused with natural Peach, served chilled on tap

SUMAC SPRITZER: This unique drink is made from Hand-Picked Wild Sumac, mixed with Organic Sugar and fermented to about 3.5% ABV. This slightly sweet drink is naturally fizzy with a pink-orange hue, notes of strawberry and raspberry, and tastes like wild lemonade!