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Lead Staff

Paul Deninno
Owner & Winemaker

Samara Ferris
Executive Chef

Nicole Palermo
General Manager

Lauren Palermo
Staff Manager


since 2005

It all started with some land, a loose plan, and a desire to leave a day job. A trip to Napa, California later and the idea gained some traction...learning that we had a special microclimate made possible from the warm air flowing off the Bashakill Wetlands, which could protect the grapes from the otherwise frigid New York cold climate, the idea for a vineyard was born. 

We use sheep as nature's lawn mowers to maintain our land, keep the weeds in check, and fertilize the soil. All of our grape pressings and stems go back to nature, decomposing in our organic compost to be used to bring nutrients back to the vines. 

4 acres and more than 800 grape vines later, we grow our Marquette grapes, Cayuga, Arandell, and Aramella grapes organically. We harvest wild sumac for our sumac spritzer, use local farms in our menus, and try to embrace the uniqueness of the seasons and their offerings! 

Come stay, sip, play some ping pong, enjoy the live music, grab a bite, go on a hike and enjoy our vineyard and winery where we work, live, love, and call home.